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Whilst many office workers are opting to migrate to softphones, there are many that want to retain the convenience of traditional desk phones.

Xelion supports a wide range of desk and cordless handsets from all the popular manufacturers including Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Gigaset and many more.

All devices sync with the cloud platform for a global address book access, call display, BLF and more.



Mobility is a must for most modern organizations, the Xelion mobile app gives you the same functionality as in the office.

Record you calls and display your office number when calling from you mobile. Join and leave hunt groups and call over both GSM and Mobile Data.

The Xelion mobile app is available for all users free of charge.



The Xelion softphone is the most popular element of the Xelion service. Extremely flexible, easy to use and updated on a regular basis.

Make calls, view contacts and call statistics from your desktop and much more.

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Good communication is vital for a successful business

Good communication is the lifeline of modern businesses. Xelion believes that by giving customers a simple to use platform that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, they can not only improve communications within their business, but also organise communications across multiple technologies into one central platform.


With an extensive suite of features, Xelion includes all functionality out of the box. No bolt-ons and no upgrade fees, everything is included for a simple monthly fee per user.

Integration with the desktop, mobiles, calendars and much more come as standard with Xelion and enable users to work where and how they want.​



Quick to deploy and easy to use.

Its not just about telephony!

Xelion’s award winning platform has been designed for the SME business market. We believe that telephony is no longer a stand-alone service and that customers and suppliers communicate using a wide variety of methods.


Customers want to communicate in the most convenient method to them, this means businesses need to consider services outside of traditional telephony including chat services, WhatsApp and SMS. Xelion brings all these plus more together in to a single simple and manageable solution.


“Xelion enabled businesses get the best of traditional telephony functionality built within a reliable and smart cloud platform. Our apps enable staff to work from anywhere at any time.

Our simple all-in license model gives customers a predictable cost with the assurance that as new features become available, they will receive them automatically without an increase in price.”


Dave Reynolds
Managing Director, Xelion UK


Xelion supports a wide range of devices to allow each user to use what is best for them and their business. Hardware including IP Deskphones, Dect Cordless, Analogue Adapters, Door Entry units and much more can be integrated with the Xelion platform to give your team the right tools at the right time.

With the drive for a work from anywhere service becoming normality, it is vital your communications service is flexible and can adapt to you and your businesses needs.