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With this solution, an organisation with a Xelion tenant can place call-back buttons on its website with which a (potential) customer is automatically called back by the organisation in question. Via the registration process, the organisation in question can create the call-back buttons itself, possibly with the support of the web builder.


  • Website visitors are automatically called back when they leave a request
  • No call charges for the website visitor
  • Visitor is registered with name, e-mail and phone number in Xelion phonebook
  • Possibility to have a call scheduled (so it can be performed at a later time)
  • App can be installed on the website by means of a plug-in whereby it can be made in the lay-out of the website
  • Contacts can be saved automatically whereby it is clear from which website/ callback button the call request was made


Registration fee per month valid for access to Drie-O Xelion app store
€ 5,-

Monthly costs
€ 25,-