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Xelion offers a handy reporting tool as standard, in which the performance in the field of communication can be made clear. Do you prefer to apply a data-driven strategy? Then an excellent tool is now available. CC BI Connect is a cloud solution that Xelion links and enriches via Microsoft Power BI.


  • All calls made via the Xelion communication solution are stored in a database. Standard features are attached to these calls, such as the person, duration and route of the call
  • The CC BI Connect retrieves relevant information from the Xelion data. The online portal of CC BI Connect offers the possibility to further enrich this data
  • All this data is safely stored online and forwarded to Microsoft Power BI, so everything can be made measurable through a clear dashboard


Guide price
Up to 10 Xelion users € 35 per month
Up to 50 Xelion users € 60 per month
Up to 150 Xelion users € 95 per month
Up to 2000 Xelion users € 175 per month