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With the Webchat client it is possible to place a chat function on a website. Visitors of the website can send a message. For each visitor who starts a chat, a separate chat session will be created in Xelion so that these chat messages are separated from each other and can be dealt with. From Xelion, visitors can reply to the chats that will be visible on the website.


  • The website visitor who wants to use the chat client must be able to give his/her own name (if no name is given, a unique name will be generated)
  • The website visitor can enter a text/question in a line in the chat client and send it in with a button (possibly with an attachment)
  • The entered text and the answers from Xelion are shown in a separate read-only chat window
  • The Webchat client can be installed on the website by means of a plug-in in which it can be incorporated in the layout of the website



Eenmalige setup kosten
Registration fee per month valid for access to Drie-O Xelion app store €5,-

Maandelijkse kosten per gebruiker
€24,- per month