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The Xelion telephony link for Zoho provides a link between the Xelion telephone exchange and Zoho CRM (or Zoho Recruit). Incoming calls are directly linked to the client card that is shown on request. All customer data immediately at hand. In addition, you can call directly from Zoho, every phone number becomes a link. All calls are registered and users can also make their call notes directly. This way, every customer contact by phone is recorded and included in the statistics.


  • Incoming calls are immediately recognised by Zoho. On request, the customer card and related information can be opened and viewed immediately.
  • All telephone numbers (of outgoing calls) become an active link in Zoho. With this, calls can be made directly. Also here a logging is made directly in which telephone notes can be recorded.
  • Calls can be planned. At the moment of the appointment, these are immediately shown on the screen and the call can be set up with one click.
  • Workflows can be linked to call activities. These can generate new call appointments, assign tasks, send e-mails, change fields or perform customised actions.
  • All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded as a call activity. Reports can be made of this data, also in graph form, which can be displayed as dashboards.
  • When calls are recorded or a voicemail was left in a missed call, these can be listened to directly in Zoho CRM (Zoho Recruit).


Eenmalige setup kosten
Installation of the Zoho Xelion link is simple and takes place via the Zoho Phonebridge marketplace, in your Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk or Zoho Recruit package. GeeFirm support during installation is not necessary or required.

Alleen daartoe gemachtigde functioneel beheerders en administrators kunnen de koppeling tot stand brengen. Gebruikers maken hierna hun eigen koppeling.

Wilt u de koppeling met Xelion door GeeFirm laten begeleiden of heeft u vragen? GeeFirm geeft one-off support indien gewenst voor € 50,00 per support-call.
Wij kunnen uw schermen overnemen om vragen te beantwoorden of ondersteuning te leveren door realisatie van de koppeling.

Maandelijkse kosten per gebruiker
- up to 50 users: € 3.00 per user per month
 - from 50 to 100 users: € 2.50 per user per month
 - from 100 to 200 users: € 2.25 per user per month
- more than 200 users: €2.00 per user per month
Monthly subscriptions to the Xelion - Zoho Telephony Integration are also based on a standard base rate of 30 Euro per organisation (tenant) per month.