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    Xelion app to use for home workers!

    August 25, 2020

    Working from home with Xelion


    Xelion is an International recognized and award-winning cloud telephony provider who is leading the way in developing in communication solutions best suited for the changing business sector.

    We offer a complete cloud-based “VoIP” telephony platform which includes all our features as standard, that means no additional bolts-ons, no more complicated pricing structure we make selling hosted telephony easy for our partners.

    We are vendor agnostic and work in combination with any fixed and mobile network, and with the help of API integration with other applications is easy for any partner to deploy a professional go to market communication solution.

    Our open structure approach, allows Xelion partners to offer their customers a unique solution so they are able to work from any location or on their preferred chose of device, the customer has full control over which devices they want to use with a simple check box they are good to go.

    Working from home – mobily-first strategy

    Working from home has become a new reality for many of us. Until recently, office workers often used their landline phones for voice communication. Now that all businesses have made a massive switch to working from home, our ongoing investments in its apps, among other projects, are proving invaluable to our users.

    Historically many employees-initiated business calls with their fixed device in the office and many didn’t utilize the desktop application. However, we have seen massive rise in app usage with the fact that majority of the work forces are now having to work at home. One of the contributing reasons is not every home user has he ability to connect a fixed device to the home router. As we know many routers are either in a cupboard or nowhere near where it is convenient to work, making the fixed device and obsolete object in the home working environment.



    Our applications allow for seamless business communications across our Desktop “Softphone” and mobile application, keeping all your communication data in one secure platform.

    Global address book, 365 Calendar Sync, Click-to-dial, Wallboards, Call recording, Log in and out of Hunt groups, Call reports all are accessible through the Softphone client. For those on the move the slimmed down Mobile application allows users to call, access wall boards, chat, address book and much more ensuring you are always in control of your business communications.

    Home working has never been so easy with Xelion, simply download the desktop and mobile applications and you are set up and ready to work from anywhere.


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