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    Organised Communications (OC): the logical next step to VoIP

    September 26, 2016

    Getting a grip on business communication

    Many organisations have moved in recent years from a traditional telephone exchange to a VoIP telephony solution from the cloud. Currently, the SME sector has more than 800,000 corporate users working with hosted VoIP. That number will grow steadily. VoIP telephony already offers many competitive advantages for the companies that use it. However, there is even more benefit to be gained. The logical next step is called Organised Communication (OC), and consists of the three main pillars below.


    1. Communication that is easy to initiate

    Less than twenty years ago, if you wanted to talk to someone, you would call them on the landline. Now you can and need to choose from Fixed, Mobile, Email, Text Messages, WhatsApp, Skype, or FaceTime. Posting a message on social media is yet another possibility. All this has made communication quite complex, since each medium has its own guidelines, formats and address books. How do you know if someone is actually active on the medium you choose? How about updates, security, and the ability to share information with other interested parties who may not be present on that media? For millions of business users, despite the fact that more than 6 hours per day are spent on communication, their reachability has actually gone down in recent years. How is that possible? The answer is the lack of a clear structure that OC driven software can provide. Xelion is such an OC product, offering its users all forms of business communications on smartphone, tablet, or PC through a single easy-to-use app. Any conversation, chat, or video can be started, regardless of whether the user is at home, in the car, or at the office. Through an easy and up-to-date business directory, which is shared within the organisation, communication can be easily and efficiently organised. Email, fixed or mobile calling can be started just as easily from the same interface. Research shows that more than 74% of SMEs desire something like this because it saves them a lot of time.

    2. Establishment of links

    Companies that do not use a telephony software designed from OC are lacking a great deal of information about customer moments, because nothing is stored. OC allows call history, including the recorded calls, to be stored in an organised manner. Colleagues can thus easily take over each other’s work, as the correct information about what was discussed with the customer is quickly available. Moreover, calls can immediately and quickly be routed to the right person. OC offers Insight into the call history because all communication is easily stored and arranged for you. Phone calls, chat, or email messages, everything can easily be found and retrieved, if necessary with additional conversation notes. With the correct CRM and ERP links that have already been established within an OC product like Xelion, the correct customer data can directly be retrieved based on the phone number. This way, a true dialogue is created with the customer. A dialogue that only ends when the customer’s questions have been carefully answered. Companies like “KLM” or “Body en Fit” that have insight into the communication with their customers and are able to provide a better service based on that knowledge are giving the right example. Thanks to OC, valuable data is not discarded, but instead used gratefully to structurally improve customer contact.

    3. BIG Data provides insight

    Another great advantage that OC offers as the next step is that thanks to the stored customer communication, management can get a better insight into the quality of the organisation. How was the reachability, which employees have had the most calls, what about the inbound vs. outbound ratios? This offers an array of useful information that provides more insight into the quality of the organisation regarding its communication. In addition, managers can replay recorded calls and even search the conversations for the use of certain words. This creates much more insight into how the organisation is doing, which are the most important questions asked, and how they are being resolved. In short: an OC product like Xelion does not only allow people to work smarter, but also literally makes a business learn and become more intelligent.


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