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    Our award win and what it means

    July 11, 2023

    In May this year, Xelion won Communications Vendor of the Year at the Technology Reseller Awards.

    This was an honour. But more than that, it was a milestone for our UK channel presence. So, now that a little time has passed, I thought it was a good time to reflect on what it says our standing in the UK channel.

    The award

    The award we won was Communications Vendor of the Year. We were also nominated for Unified Communications Vendor of the Year. When you enter awards, you never really know what the judges will make of you.

    We’re a relative newcomer to the UK channel, having established ourselves here in 2016. But still, we’re big believers in both our platform and unique business model. That’s what we focused on in our award entry, and I’m proud to say it paid off.

    What makes us unique

    Xelion is a unique unified communications platform for two main reasons. The first is our licence structure. We don’t do complex bundles where every other feature adds to the price. Instead, it’s one licence at one price for all features.

    There are no gimmicks or exceptions here. Everyone gets the desktop and mobile app, along with UC features, call recording, reporting and so much more. It makes quoting simpler, and ensures that no one is ever under-provisioned.

    Secondly, Xelion is incredibly flexible. We have an open API, which means we can integrate with practically anything. The benefits of this aren’t confined to people who know how to develop software. We’ve used it to create integrations out of the box – with 150+ CRMs, WhatsApp Business, the whole Microsoft eco-system and more.

    The sum of this is that Xelion can serve an incredible range of needs, but without slow deployment. We’re proud to have built up our UK presence by relying on this. And the award confirms that we’re doing things right!

    What the award win says

    There are more established communications vendors out there. But I’d like to think that this award win confirms our presence in the UK channel. We’re doing things differently, and it’s working for us and our partners.

    It’s a privilege to be recognised for that, and long may our work continue. And of course, if you’re a reseller interested in a more flexible platform along with simpler quoting and deployment, we’d love to hear from you!

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