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    UC Platform Xelion extends it’s operation in the UK

    September 26, 2016

    The Dutch UC software vendor Xelion is extending its activities to the UK from this summer. The good results that Xelion achieved in the pilots last year were the foundation of this decision taken by the management. The next steps in UK business development will be managed by Liquid Motion Consulting, who’s team are very well acquainted with the UK voip market,
    Building on good experiences.

    Over the past number of years a couple of hundred UK SME companies have implemented the UC platform Xelion in their company operations. The CEO and creator of Xelion Micha Cohen is enthusiastic about the opportunity presented by the UK market when he says: “There was a great window of opportunity to build on the good results we had last year in which we started selling our solution in the UK. With this step we stress the fact that we are serious in extending our business abroad. We see that Xelion fulfils in a need from SME to achieve better telephony circumstances. Xelion contributes directly to this need with innovative features and fantastic user experience. With our software people can communicate, inbound or outbound, on their fixed number when or where ever they are.“

    The Xelion app that has been introduced last year has become a popular extension of the feature suite of this also called soft-pbx. Almost all the new telephony installations in business are based on voip these days. The Xelion platform is quite unique in the fact that it runs stand-alone from the broadband and sip-trunk, whilst closely integrating with other business applications such as CRM and ERP. This gives companies a blend of scalability, flexibility and integration opportunities. Liquid Motion MD Ben Dooley adds to this: ”The time when telecom infrastructure was seen as an isolated entity from other business applications is over. With Xelions market leading platform we are building the bridge, and bringing a solution that is truly exciting in to the UK.“

    The London based consultancy organisation Cavell Group shows in their market report extended in 2015 that Xelion is one of Europe’s leading VoIP solutions coming to it’s complete set of features. This makes it popular under it’s partners and the end users deploying it. Xelion is a 100% partner based company that always cooperates with local ISP’s, operators, resellers or MSP’s. This will also be the foundation of the business in the UK. Partners of Xelion can combine the software with their own mix of broadband, connectivity, sip trunks and services. This gives them the independency of creating their own market approach and margins.

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