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    Xelion 7 has inbuilt resilience

    January 17, 2019

    Xelion, the cloud telephony provider, has ensured business continuity is integral to Xelion 7, the latest iteration of the Xelion platform available for customers from January 2019.

    Xelion recommends the service is hosted using the Amazon Web Services (AWS), although other options are open to partners for their customers. Each Xelion platform supplied to a partner is deployed to one of four primary nodes within AWS, with the other three used redundantly. The entire AWS function is automatic and does not require the partner to do anything. This model gives both maximum performance and uptimes for the customer.

    Xelion’s support team monitor all managed servers using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), providing instant alerts should there be issues with the service for fast remedial action. Partners have access to the Park Manager tool which gives a view of the partner’s entire Xelion estate including Xelion versions, storage used and much more. Support is available 24/7 and a backup of each platform is made once per day for extreme emergencies as a roll back option. At this time Xelion have never had to perform a roll back.

    During 2017 Xelion delivered 100% uptime to all Xelion customers. In 2018 Xelion delivered an uptime of 99.996% with one Xelion MT platform of approximately 300 active users (3% of the active base), experiencing an outage for 22 minutes, during which time the affected partner activated their SIP diverts to ensure the customer could still receive calls. However, 97% of the customer base had 100% uptime during 2018.

    Commenting on Xelion resilience, Dave Reynolds, UK Managing Director stated, “We recognise that telephony is a mission-critical application for business users, so resilience and redundancy is a fundamental component of the Xelion service and not an after-thought. This allows our partners to have full confidence in the Xelion platform. For 2019 we are currently building a new partner monitoring portal allowing partners to have the same real time view we have of the platforms. Partners will be able to configure alerts and triggers to give the best possible service.”

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